Of Sports, Travel and Blogging

 Hi, I’m Johanns Cordita.

- Runner
- Mountaineer
- Adventure-seeker

I am a hungry beast when it comes to learning new things so I take Mother Earth as my classroom for me to take in pieces that would form part of me, and represent every good there is in a place where people generally thought of as chaotic, Mindanao.

Seriously, it’s no secret that Mindanao has always been regarded as dangerous place here on Philippines because the media has been showing killings, bombings, and anything awful which makes tourists hesitant to discover what a gem we have herein. People are blinded of news flashed before their eyes. But it’s no secret as well that many people have made efforts to promote tourism in the area because they have basked in Mindanao’s beauty. And I am one of those people. Therefore, let us not disregard Mindanao as a potential to increase tourist traffic in the country. 

As an outdoor enthusiast with a traveler's soul, Sightseer Pinay is my platform where I will share my life adventure in order to:

  1. Promote sustainable and responsible tourism
  2. Support local tourism and businesses
  3. Show fairness for the tri-people of Mindanao – Christian, Muslim and Lumad
  4. Showcase emerging tourist spots, least traveled destinations, and running sceneries

I plan all these to be realized through:

  1. Supporting local products that would help the locals in their livelihood and respective businesses
  2. Sharing inspirational stories that are often overlooked by many which usually revolve around the journey.
  3. Featuring places complete with itinerary, accommodation, local cuisines to try and activities to do - all without breaking your bank.
  4. Featuring running events and destinations that I participated in to boost our sports tourism.

Join me in my adventure and together, let's enjoy the bliss!