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5 Affordable Meals for Career People via GrabFood

“I need sugar!”

I kid you not, you’ll frequently hear this line from us if you are a colleague of mine. As a person sandwiched between a pile of paperworks and handling a team, the need to constantly indulge into good food is never to be questioned.
I rely too much on food applications – GrabFood, to be more specific – to satiate my hunger or to simply just give in to whatever cravings I have for the day. In fact, there was a time when all of my meals in a day were delivered to my office. Not that I was being lazy, but it was highly convenient and less time consuming for me to go out in between working hours and fall in line at a carenderia or at a fast food restaurant while still thinking about tasks to be accomplished. What I like more about ordering via GrabFood is that it is not as expensive as you thought it would be. With a lot of options to choose from starting at P99, you are sure to have a satisfying meal at a reasonable price. 
I am grateful for the convenience that this app gives me. No matter what time of the day, whether I’m busy and tired of repeatedly eating the same food from carenderia, or just needing some glucose to think clearly, I can have what I need. Here then are my top five food choices from “Starts at  P99+” category where I order most of the time

Pancit Malabon from Rose Pancit Malabon and Fastfood - Corrales
P99 only.

Pancit Palabok from Rose Pancit Malabon and Fastfood - Corrales
P88 only.

Deep Fried Mushroom from Chingkeetea - Grand Central

This is my all time favorite and go-to snack food.

Pork Sisig from Gracia's Fast food and Catering Services
P80 only, served generously

Best for lunch time.

Chicken Adobo from Gracia's Fast food and Catering Services
P60 only

If you're a busy bee and want to save yourself from the hustle and bustle, I highly recommend these options! Ready to order? Go to the GrabFood home page, press the Starts at P99 tile and explore a variety of affordable food choices.  Find promos every day for even more savings! 

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