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Be confident with Sculptshe Shapewear

Embrace your body, no matter what size or shape you're in. 

I honestly have struggles appreciating my body shape growing up as I frequently saw on tv and magazines what ideal statistics a woman should have. I've done a lot of things to boost my confidence. I've been collecting copies of magazines enlisting  all the do's and don'ts to have this or that kind of body built. I got so engrossed in achieving badly what I suppose was the standard by doing the following steps:

- being mindful on the foods I eat;

- doing workouts at least 3-4 times a week; and

- getting 8 hours of sleep.

Just three simple reminders to live by but sometimes hard to fit in on a daily routine especially with the presence of temptations such as fast foods, movie binging, weekend cocktails and so on. Hence, 'cheat day' has become a habit. So the goal flops and I must admit, it keeps my self esteem low. It's frustrating not to achieve what I want but I learned overtime that getting lost in the crowd, being half committed and not embracing what I am are the things that weigh me down. When I begin to acknowledge the triggers for my self-sabotage, that's when I start to change my perspective. Instead of getting hooked on achieving a perfect skinny body, I started to think that what I'm doing is going to be beneficial and healthy for me in the long run. I also learned that aside from getting supplements and using workout equipment,  wearing a waist trainer vest during exercise can aid in achieving the suitable figure that would best compliment my body type if used religiously.

Moreover, I have witnessed from most of my friends who are living an active lifestyle that wearing of shapewears specifically waist shapers (as this is my focus area) will give an illusion of smooth figure under a casual outfit. I personally think that the best shapewear for women there is on the market is that of SCULPTSHE. They offer a variety of shapewears according to your needs; definitely living up to it's goal of helping women to be more confident, sexy and poised. So whether I'm doing my workout or not, I am always confident in my own body.

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