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Weekend Escapade at Arikay Farm Campsite


Arikay Farm Campsite

Hey! Just a quick update from our weekend escapade / mini reunion with Arriba fam at Arikay Farm Campsite.

** Also me, drawing inspiration from these career-oriented people. 😊

Smiling after our arrival albeit the gloomy weather.

Chill night: Dinner, bonfire, beer and music.

Brighter than yesterday. Breakfast.

Babysitting Estes the cutie Shipoo.


gutom πŸ˜ͺ🀀 ##foodtiktok ##arikayfarm ##cdo

♬ High School - Editor

a little adventure 😊 #ArikayFarm #cdo

♬ original sound - Upashana Shakya

πŸ“Έ Roniel Baguhin, Wendex SareΓ±as


πŸ“Arikay Farm Campsite, Baikingon, CDO 
πŸ“ž +63 977 351 9744 
πŸ’Œ arikayfarmcampsite@gmail.com

More details:
Rate: 3,500 overnight, exclusive, min 10pax 
- Cottage with sala, 1 bedroom
- 3 Tents
- Dirty Kitchen
- Bonfire Area
- WiFi connection

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