Looking For Anything Specific?

Taking Control

Oftentimes when we are pressed by a situation, we  react according to our emotions leaving traces of hate and pain.

We blame others when we are in an unfavorable situation since it is easier for our mind to process that other people are responsible for our insecurities and wounded egos. Why? Because we want to justify our inability to handle our emotions appropriately.

Take Control

So, how do we snap out from this negative behavior? Self-awareness and acceptance. Sounds cliche, I know, but this is what I've learned the hard way.

Knowing what we want and what needs to be done moving forward will help us understand that things has to happen for a greater purpose. This mindset will allow us to take ownership of ourselves, take control of our emotions, and take responsibility of our actions saving us from shame and regret.

It takes time to change our behavior but with clear intentions, I know we will be better.

You will be better! 😉


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