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Are We Ready for CHANGES?

David Mercado to release second track of his album Secrets Revealed.

After the successful release of David's first track, Sweet Lips, with a message towards two faced people saying:

Unless you're paying my bills
Your words won't hurt, they're nothing to me
Haven't you heard that they who pull you down
Are those who are beneath you

He is set to release the second track of his album entitled Changes on 17th of September. This song sets a different mood from the previous one and David said it talks about how the changes in life also changes how we define love. "Bale pag nag bulag mo sa imong ex, you still love them pa naman, but in a different way." David added. (Spoiler alert! 😄)

So are we ready for the upcoming CHANGES?

Five days to go and while waiting for this another secret partly revealed, why not participate on TikTok the #
sweetlipsdavidmercado for fun? The prized challenge is over but the fun surely continues.  Watch the tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozCGaqdYFig

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