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Life is Beautiful | Panimahawa, CEDAR Falls Adventure

Panimahawa Ridge, morning view

It was a perfect moment to start the month of April when I joined an adventure to Panimahawa Ridge side trip to CEDAR Falls. I honestly expect nothing out of this trip; it's just that I want to breathe after a month-long dejection. Yet, nature prevailed its magnificence and I can't help not to blog this (despite the low quality photos) to remind me that life is beautiful and time is too precious to waste on nonsensical things.

Sunset view at the foot of Panimahawa
Camping at Panimahawa RidgeLate night talk over drinks
I basked in the beauty of sunset, had a great night connecting with people under a starry night....

Morning view
Group photo | Panimahawa
And although we failed to witness the sea of clouds - quite the consequence for waking up late due to hungover, a rainbow appeared on our trek downhill.

A rainbow is a promise
Of sunshine after rain
Of calm after storm
Of joy after sadness
Of peace after pain
Of love after loss


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