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Accept and Let Go

Leafing through an old journal, I found this text written on the same month 13 years ago:

All of us are writers and our lives are open books. Each and every relationship would be a chapter, and it's up to us to make sure that the characters in our book are worthy of inclusion. However, unlike a printed book, we cannot edit out the bad choices. Some chapters would be sweet and memorable while others are painful but full of lessons. The most important thing to remember is that the pen is firmly in our hands and only us can decide how we unfold our story.

For few minutes I quite don't understand the logic here until I have to introspect and relate to my current situation. (Haha! Imagine me giggling for being stupid 😂) Surely, we can't choose who to meet in our lifetime then conclude how our story with them goes. There will be challenges along the way just like how it is on fairy tales. The readers may share their opinions but as our life story progresses, we have to make tough decisions for the benefit of our inner peace.

Looking back on the last two years of my failed relationship, I knew back then that we deserve to let each other go the moment we realized we have to grow separately. We got too caught up in our career that instead of supporting each other, we tried to outsmart one another - well that and other reasons I can't disclose. It was not easy to accept all the bitter things that happened in that two years but I have to for the sake of second chances; and as what my aunt advised me, "pag sinabtanay mog tarong kay kamo ra duha mag pamilya didto (sa CDO)". I clung to this family oriented advice but even so, I never had peace of mind because the more we tried to make our relationship work, the more toxic it became. I wanted to stay, I also wanted to leave but it was hard to end a relationship which once led me to the right track. It was a tough battle - I have to endure sleepless nights, countless cries, fake laughters and so on... I even prayed every night that God give me the courage to REALLY let go...

Until it finally happened.

Closing this chapter, I'd also like to ask those who were with us throughout the bittersweet 7 years we spent together to accept the fact that we can never be, that we're only meant to teach each other lessons, and that our purpose to each other's lives has already been served; as well as to let go of anger to what has been and the negative judgments to what we have or whoever we are with right now. I am happy to say that this breakup is an answered prayer.

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.  - Psalm 55:22 NIV


P.S. I failed to cite where I got the passage but if you happen to know, do inform me right away.

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  1. thank you for loving yourself more! Iloveyou! ❤️

    1. You sound like one of my best friends.. anyway, thank you 😊

  2. I love this blog of yours Jo! ✨♥️

    1. Ana Jud guro when it comes from the heart Kate. 😊 Thank you so much!