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Grateful to be Alive (still)

Note: This was supposed to be a birthday blog to thank all those who spent their precious time to wish me well but I got a little dramatic so I ended up pouring out my emotions here...

Dear self,

I know how hard it could be to pull yourself together when the going gets tough. I also know that you have faced different battles in life, that you wasted few years of your youth living in darkness, that you've recovered only to be betrayed again. You're hurting right now but I'm telling you, do not ever go back to hell. If you spend your days with regrets, rage and disappointments, will you ever have a better quality of life? No. You know it better because you once experienced it. You even asked once, "what the hell did I do when I was 23?". You couldn't answer because you were lost. I know you're hurting but please don't let me ask you the same question in the future when you look back on your 27th. Keep going on the right track. God has allowed you to experience such trials to teach you valuable lessons in life. Learn from them. You'll still face challenges but your experiences will help you conquer them. Remember, nothing and no one will bring you down for you are made stronger by God's grace.  

To celebrate this gift of life, take a look at the photos below to remind you of how blessed you are - God's gifts that you should always be grateful for:

Your grandparent's devotion to each other
Your father's unwaivering support that has pushed you to always give your best, and your stepmom's care for your dad 

Your mom and brothers whom you admire so much and has motivated you indirectly to work your ass off otherwise you'll forever be dependent

Your boy friend who has been so patient and stayed with you during your crisis

Your mom's siblings - your second parents - whom you know you can seek advice to when needed

Your soul sisters (including those ates not seen in photo), who has made your teenage life more meaningful

Your co-bloggers who inspires you to be more creative while being authentic and realistic

Your Blogger bestie who never runs out of ideas and life advices

Your team, MSU MCI, for molding you as a responsible mountaineer

And your long-time best friends who never get tired of listening to your dramas, for making you laugh amid sadness and for all the little things they did that made you happy

Self, you are blessed beyond measure. Be grateful that you are still bbreathing. Also, Continue giving your best to keep no records of wrong, to accept, to forgive, to move on, and to enjoy the present with the love of the Lord. Trust His ways.

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