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How I Save on Travel Accommodations

Adventure travel can sometimes be very expensive. If you can't plan it smartly, chances are you'll fall short on your budget or end up broke after having days of fun. Of course, you don't want it to happen, do you?

I actually have that travel-now-worry-later kind of attitude during my younger days. Aside from the fact that I was dependent with having someone who plans for our itinerary, I revel in the unknown so I don't really mind about the specifics of the trip. As long as I'm available on the specified dates and will be provided a rough cost estimate, I'm good to go. I don't even care if I struggle financially until I get my next allowance. And I swear there was no fun in it! After learning the art of travel planning and budgeting, gone are my travel financial stress. What's more,  I'm able to cut down on expenses by saving big on accommodations with Travelbook.ph.

TravelBook.ph has helped me save big on travel accommodations
Travelbook.ph aims to promote Philippine tourism by encouraging everyone to visit beautiful destinations in the country at the same time provide people with valuable travel experiences.

With that being said, here are the top reasons why I highly prefer using this travel e-commerce company more than anything else:

Why book with Travelbook.ph?

One of the things I love about this company is its user-friendly layout. But more to that, you as a member could also enjoy the following:

Cheap Accommodation. As a member, you can enjoy discounted rates and insider deals from over 3,000 hotels, hostels and inns listed in TravelBoook. Surely, you can also find a place that is based according to your needs and budget.

Great Reward Points. As a member, you earn reward points right after a successful booking. You can use the points to pay part of the total payment on your next trip. 1 points is equivalent to 1 peso. 
Tip: Review every hotels or inns you've stayed with to earn additional 50 points!

Pay at hotel, no credit card needed. As a member, you can reserve a room ahead of time and pay upon your arrival at the hotel. This assures you of your room reservation if you want to score great deal at least a month before your arrival but don't have the money yet for the payment. Although this booking transaction requires your CC info, rest assured you're not going to be charged anything on your CC.

Personally, I've been enjoying staycations and has traveled more on a budget as I've been earning and using reward points since becoming a member. At the same time this helped me maintain my blog through referrals.

How to Book

Booking is as simple as three steps.

  1. Search for the city, enter the dates of stay - check in and check out, modify number of rooms if necessary, then click enter.
  2. Look for your desired place, then confirm booking. If you are a member, the system will automatically fill up necessary information on your behalf.
  3. Proceed to payment details. Enter points you want to redeem and friend code 1621. 


Saving on travel accommodation is just one of the ways I'm able to cut back on my travel expenses but this sure has helped me a lot. I hope this would help you, too! :) See you on the roads soon!

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