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A year older, tougher and wiser

It was only like yesterday when I spent my week-long 20th birthday celebration with my family at Baguio City and Laguna. Since then, I have my own series of ups and down - even went through my darkest as adulthood unfolds before me. Hello, real world! Today, I am officially quarter of a century old and looking back, I couldn't thank the Lord enough for those life experiences because I learned that I can brave any storms and that there are genuine people who'd stay with me no matter what.

A year older, tougher and wiser
As with matters of life priorities, this 25th birthday marks a new year to balance the joy of youth and responsibilities of adulthood. This includes but not limited to well-planned travels and marathons, saving up an emergency fund, securing a house and marriage. Okay, let's ditch the last one for now because honestly, I'm not yet ready for that lifelong commitment.

Here's why...

Once when I'm about to move out for university at the age of 16, my aunt advised me that I should enjoy my youth. It was only when I started earning for myself when I have fully appreciated what she meant. For me, that enjoyment translates to engaging myself in outdoor activities and fitness, blogging on the sidelines, and learning from my travels - all without sacrificing my pocket nor getting knocked up and while staying focused on my goals. I don't want to enjoy the bliss of life so that I could settle real soon without regrets rather for me to value things that are essential for my personal growth. I'm glad Kenn and I share mutual interests and are supportive with each other's priorities. We don't need to hurry to get married, we'll come to that at the right time - if it's meant to be. #JustSaying. 😊😊

Moving on, too many things have already happened to me in my 25 years of existence that I should say, despite the hardships and pains, I am deeply blessed. God has never forsaken me. In fact, He has touched too many lives to send over His love for me. So I thank everyone - my family and relatives, Kenn, Bffs, and peers at CDO Bloggers and Arriba - for being part my life.

This year is another roller coaster ride for me. I don't know what's in store but I am certain to only look for the bright side of things no matter what the circumstances are. May God bless me on this year's endeavors! TTFN.

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  1. Happy birthday dai... Enjoy your life more. Godbless,!!

  2. Karon pako kabasa ani. So deep, honestly you are blessed already with your beautiful mind and soul. Godbless ters!