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Where to stay in Jasaan | Twin Hearts Spring Resort

The view as captured atop the slide of a five feet pool.

"Why not try Twin Hearts Resort, ma'am?" asked the motorcycle driver.

After our quick visit to Sagpulon Falls, Kenn and I were arguing whether to push through our overnight in Jasaan or go back home to CDO. The motorcycle drivers might have noticed our heated convo so they gave us suggestions about many other things to do there. Kenn said that we initially planned to stay for the night but we just don't know where to be specific - as mentioned in a related post, I left my tablet where I saved my research works.

"Why not try Twin Hearts Resort, ma'am?" asked one of them.The question hits my wanderlust right on spot. An overnight stay at Twin Hearts Spring Resort is on my #ExploreMisOr bucket list . So why not give it a try as well? For the need to cool down our heads, we then asked the driver to take us there.

Twin Hearts Spring Resort, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Twin Hearts Resort is located in Barangay Mahigugmaon in the municipality of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It is conveniently located amidst nature with tall and big trees surrounding the area as well as a view of Gamooc river that adds a relaxing feel to the resort. The overall ambiance makes it a respite to those who seek tranquility after a weekly grind. 


Cozy room of Twin Hearts Spring Resort

We spent the most of our weekend in a nice room with a good night sleep totally oblivious from the joyous laughter and talks outside. More than that, inclusions are as follows:

  • Breakfast for two
  • Unlimited use of the pool
  • Bath and toilet inside the room with rolled tissue
  • Bath Towels
  • Free WiFi

Yellow lights illuminating the room is quite relaxing. | Twin Hearts Spring Resort
Gold curtains and brown-furnished furniture is complementary.  Twin Hearts Resort.

The room is spacious enough to get around for the two of us. Our window view is more of greenery which is a good diversion after seeing the crowd in the pool. We don't have a TV inside but if you wish to have one, you might want to choose the other room. With regards to the price, it only cost us ₱1,000.00 - best price as compared to the first resort that we have inquired. Room with TV costs ₱1,500.00.


For an all day long outing with family and friends, the resort is a good place to be as it offers many cottages to choose from that will cater small and large groups. There are four pools with varying depth from 2" to 8", two of which have slides and one has a jumping board. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure safety of all guests. The resort is well-maintained following its draining schedules; and trash bins are also visible so there is no reason for littering at all.

I would love to take a jump but I'm afraid of drowning. :( This is the deepest pool with eight feet depth. | Twin Hearts Spring Resort
Kids love to take a slide, too! And this one's for them. Twin Hearts Spring Resort is a place for everyone.
Just the right depth for my height - five feet. Haha! | Twin Hearts Spring Resort

The local driver mentioned that the water at the resort tastes sweet and is naturally cold, given that it is coming from a natural spring. As if to validate his words, Kenn saw one of the lifeguards fetched and drank directly from the spring water the next morning.

Aside from the pools and open cottages, the resort also have a function hall and Karaoke bar.


Weekends are days when the resort is really crowded. Despite so, the staff could still manage to accommodate everyone with heartwarming smile. 🙌😊 Everything is synchronized and systematized - from verification to check in - I should say that it's a smooth transaction. The staff are well-trained and surely knows what needs to be done. No wonder I've heard a lot of positive feedback about Twin Hearts both online and offline.

With all these said and done, my overall experience at Twin Hearts Spring Resort is a worthwhile one. I would not give second thoughts when asked to visit the place again, and of course, I would highly recommend this to everyone who would like to visit Jasaan.

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  1. do u have their contact number?

    1. Hi! I'm not sure if this is still active but try to contact them thru 0936 489 9968.