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Bay View Grill

Bay View Grill Jasaan

Have you experienced getting lost in one of your travels? Well, I have my share too. Shortly after our weekend escapade to Dodiongan Falls, Kenn and I planned a day hike in Mt Salumagayon but last minute changes brought us to Jasaan.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my tablet where I saved all of my research works and all I can remember were words like Kiwani and Kimala. None of these two words were correct as it was Barangay Kimaya that I'm referring to where we plan to look for a place to stay later in the afternoon. Thanks to Irene for the quick response about my queries via FB chat. She instructed us to drop off at crossing Kahulugan in Kimaya but I don't know where exactly that is so Kenn and I agreed that we stop at Bay View Grill because it was the only landmark that I'm familiar with. When I asked around as to where Kimaya is, it turned out that we're already far from where we should be and we have to get back by riding a multicab. Since we were already at Bay View, we agreed to take our brunch instead.

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When you see this tarp on the highway, you know you're heading the right way. It's Bay View Grill!
Bay View Grill has spacious area ideal to hold events
Check out the comfy couch of Bay View Grill!

Bay View Grill is located along National Highway in Barangay Jampason, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It offers combo meals at a very affordable price starting at ₱48. The area is spacious enough to hold events like a wedding reception or a small party. There is also a room big enough for meetings. Inside the resto, there is karaoke bar intended perhaps for beer nights and a separate space for dining area. I love the mix of calm vibe and upbeat music in the background while sitting on the comfy couch. Plus,  the sea and the people who indulged in banana boating from a nearby hotel offers a good view. With all these stuff, I can say that my mishap leading to our misadventure is not a bad thing at all.
Travel, the best way to get lost and found all at the same time.

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