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A Day of Summer at Enchanted River Rock Island

Visiting home albeit for a short period of time is worth the 10-hour travel from Cagayan de Oro. Our family reunion is something I look forward to and seeing one of my best friends means a day of summer. This time around, we dedicate one full day at Enchanted River Rock Island.

Hinatuan Enchanted River Rock IslandHinatuan Enchanted River Rock IslandHinatuan Enchanted River Rock Island

Hinatuan Enchanted River Rock Island was once a remote virgin island with cassava crops planted by the grandparents of the owner, Jeyza Veras. In the early 2000 (to my knowledge) when Enchanted River has been making rounds in social media, the municipality of Hinatuan have since been receiving flocks of visitors throughout the year especially on summer and Christmas holidays; however, there was only two lodging houses operating back then that can accommodate tourists. As a result, people needs to travel an hour or two to nearby cities just to find a place to stay in. The owner acknowledged the growing demand and so she has committed herself in providing both locals and tourists the best accommodation in Hinatuan.

I met miss Jeyza during our visit. She was so accommodating and as a Hinatuanon  myself, I can say that she is down to earth. On that note, her being accommodating is reflected in the success of her business as many people are patronizing the resort. I can even see big improvements in Rock Island since 2016. Aside from its iconic bridge, open cottages were added so that guests can stay longer and enjoy a swim when the tide is high. One may also take the opportunity to circle the island, gather shellfish, take a photo opp with the rocks as backdrop or see some reefs growing in the area on low tide. If any of these won't suffice, go ahead and watch/feed the fishes. Another notable improvement is the availability of electricity - the staff told me (back in 2016) that the resort was dependent on generator, although until now, water (and by that I mean clean water for shower purposes) remains a scarcity. Anyhow, the experience will patch up for that.

If you wish to stay here for the night, here's a sample photo borrowed from their website. Take note that room rates vary.

Hinatuan Enchanted River Rock Island
...and this is how it looks outside.

How to get there

From Enchanted River. If you do Island hopping, ask the operator to include Rock Island in your itinerary.Hourly rate applies, P160/hr.

From Barangay Cambatong. This is the ideal entry point if you wish to head directly to the resort without paying multiple entrance fees from Enchanted River. Ask assistance from the locals/watchers so they can call the next boat operator who will send and fetch you to/from the island on your agreed time. Rate is P150 for 5-6 people per boat.

Additional Info

Location: Barangay Cambatong, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
Contact Nos: 0948-676-9779; 0915-842-6464
Website: www.enchanted-river.com
Facebook: Enchanted River Rock Island

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