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Things You Need To Know About Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro

Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro: Things You Need To Know

Paragliding is now in Cagayan de Oro!

Paragliding is one of those adventures that overwhelms, excites and scares me all at the same time. For one, I have never tried any aerial sports in my whole life. I have never imagined either to try one; but in the hopes of experiencing Cagayan de Oro in a different kind of thrill, I convinced myself to try it.

Paragliding with Sierra del Oro

Sierra del Oro is a newly opened aerial sports center in the city operated by Cagayan de Oro Paragliding. It is one of the five-tandem paragliding businesses here in the Philippines and is specifically located on a 68-hectare land in Indahag Hills.

The place is a good location for the activity yet as a weather-dependent type of recreational sport, passenger's weight is put into consideration. Usually, only a maximum weight of 100 kg is allowed.

Many have asked how I got the courage to try this out, especially that while waiting for my flight, the wind was thin I was worried that I won't stay aloft longer than seven minutes. My tandem assured me that I'll be fine up on air. We just have to make it work. I believe in him somehow because he knows this sport better than I do. So to those who have asked me:
Paragliding needs kiting skills required to control the wing. This means that you cannot fly alone if you're not a trained pilot.
This fact alone is enough is enough assurance - I have a pro with me. On top of that, Sir Titoy - my tandem from Saranggani Paragliders Club - and I did a quick dry run before our actual flight. Here then are the things you should also know when Paragliding in CDO.

Paragliding is all about you. I'm just an instrument to help you aloft. You have to do your part, too." Sir Titoy.
  • Focus. Your body should face the headwind. If you want to fly higher, you should set aside your fear and focus in the direction that you are going to take. When your tandem/guide says walk, you walk. When he says run, you run. Don't fret when you feel a drag or pull when you walk - remember the keyword - focus - so don't turn your head on the sides or turn around when you're about to lift off.
  • Remember the drill. When running to the edge of the ramp, don't jump. Keep running on air and let the wind lift you. Everything happens quickly here. When the guide says so, put your left and right hands (one at a time) through the harness; push the sides of the pad (that bag hanging on you're butt) to put in a sitting position then cross your legs all throughout. You are now free to extend you monopod.
  • Fly like  bird. "Extend your arms and fly like a bird. Feel the freedom!" says Sir Titoy. Scream your heart out. See things in a different light. Enjoy the view. Live in the moment (and don't focus too much on selfies. Haha! 😆 Excuse for my lame video)
  • Land on your feet. Uncross your legs; glide your feet on the ground as if you are doing a brake and as much as possible land on your feet - not on your butt. Pro feels!

Mixed feeling of fear and thrill sets in on initial phase making it a make or break phase; but the awesomeness once up on air is incomparable. (see video) I would even say yes in a heartbeat if I'm asked to do paragliding once again. Why not? With Sierra del Oro, I have learned what it means to soar high and fly like a bird.

Detailed Info

Business Name: Sierra del Oro
Location: Indahag Hills, Cagayan de Oro
☎ 0917-709-4417 or 0906-085-3999
💲Fly rate starts at ₱2,500.00
FB: Cagayan de Oro Paragliding

How to get there:

Sierra del Oro is accessible by private vehicles. The business name is not showing up on Google maps so you may use Hugo Sky Lounge as your destination since these two businesses are situated in the same location together with Sier-a-Cup. It is also best to book ahead your planned schedule if you wish to try this activity.

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