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Level Up Inn: Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Sto Tomas, Davao del Norte

Level Up Inn, Sto Tomas Davao del Norte

Signing up for an out of town race entails spending for an accommodation. For Kenn and I, factors to consider should include convenience, price, and image. I've never been to Sto Tomas, Davao del Norte thus relying to the race director's suggestions is a must. There are three must try on the list but we prefer to book a taxi-type accommodation called Level Up Inn.

Level Up Inn, Sto Tomas Davao del Norte

Level Up Inn is located in Phase 14, National Highway, Tibal-og Sto Tomas, with 16 rooms secured inside the compound. I find this worth spending for due to the following reasons:

Conenience. It is conveniently located along National Highway and is approximately 800m away from Sto Toma Municipal Hall where the starting point of the race is. Its accessibility permits us to walk around 2 or 3 am on race day in case there is no public vehicle available on that time.

Price. For as low as P250.00, Level Up Inn surely adhered to its tagline "Partner to your vacation." Rates vary for Standard and Deluxe rooms and for the corresponding hours of stay. As for us, a room where we can secure our things while we attend the race and a bed to stretch for the night is all we need without sacrificing our budget.

Image. On personal note, image does not only mean aesthetics but also security. The Inn is nestled within a compound with each rooms having its own gates and garage. Also, staff on duty are stationed in the front office with a good view of the whole compound while off duty staff stay in their assigned cottage situated at the far-end of the compound. That means to say that both front and back of the compound are guarded as they can easily see who comes in and out.

Talking about aesthetics, each Deluxe rooms have different interior designs giving the guests a chance to choose their desired style. The staff gave me the privilege for a sneak peek of the rooms even though Kenn and I booked for Standard accommodation (see few photos below).

Amenities for Deluxe Rooms include Cable TV, separate shower and toilet room, dining table, wide-walled mirror, and car garage. Standard Rooms on the other hand, include Cable TV, bath and toilet room (without shower), dining table, wide mirror and motorcycle garage. Notable difference for the room types is the space.

Level Up Inn, Sto Tomas Davao del Norte
Level Up Inn, Sto Tomas Davao del NorteLevel Up Inn, Sto Tomas Davao del NorteLevel Up Inn, Sto Tomas Davao del Norte

On top of it all, I also admire how the staff are very accommodating and friendly. Even the lady who assisted us did a rain check on our needs and made sure we're settled before she left our room. Their hospitality and customer service is way beyond my expectations, which of course, made Level Up Inn my highly recommended accommodation in Sto Tomas, Davao del Norte.

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