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2016 in A Wrap

I know I'm thirty days earlier to wrap up 2016, nevertheless, I don't want to wait until January 1st of 2017 to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the blessings I've experienced.

I've been through hell a year prior to the point that I think I haven't live my 22-ish. I've wasted a year too caught up with life's dramas, and the decision to breakout was a total freedom which happened with Divine intervention. I cannot thank God enough for the shower of blessings all throughout 2016; I can't even count with my two hands all the goodness I've received, but in general, I know that in His own way, He has touched your life to be a part of mine. Hence, thank you...

- Readers, for staying with me and being with me on my not-so-many adventures this year. I hope that in the next years to come, as I am now drafting my escapades, you would not get tired of me. I'm also hoping that our roads will cross one day.
- CDO Bloggers, for the warmth welcome, platonic love, and blogging opportunities and inspirations. You are one of the reason why I have come to love Cagayan de Oro. In that sense, I am now convinced that CDO really lived up to its name: City of Golden Friendship.
- Workmates, for encouraging me on my loglog days. You are part of the reasons why I don't want to get away. The bond, although not in a more personal sense, is hard to break.
- Friends, for being with me on my crisis and for trusting me confidential stories. Rest assured, it'll be kept a secret until further notice. :D
- Partner, for braving the storms with me and for being my number one critics to improve my blog. I pray that we'll stay stronger together against all odds.
- To my family, especially to Papa, for understanding my lapses and being always a fan to my every endeavor. As always, I LOVE YOU.

Thank you so much everyone for being God's instruments of love, hope, and inspiration. Thank you so much for being a part of me. Now, as 2016 come to an end, I hope that our relationship continue to grow.

Cheers to another year of abundance and adventure!

xoxo, Johanns <3

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  1. I am so happy that you had an awesome 2016. Glad that I am part of it through CDOBloggers. Cheers to an amazing 2017! More opportunities and happiness!

    1. To another year of blogging mommy rubz! :) Thank you :*