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A Magic Awaits in Sohoton Lagoon!

One sweltering hot afternoon in the Hayanggabon Port, we sailed off the coast to experience whatever-magic-awaited me and my family in Sohoton.

We endured a 40-minute butt numbing boat ride, when soon enough, a paroxysm of serenity superseded personal huff. What a pleasant view have we been sent! Quite an irony from the ugly view of Carrascal and Claver's open-mine pit. As we arrived at Sohoton Cove Tour Registration Center, Aunt Fe took charge of our registration while some of the members of the family indulged in small talk while I did documentation. Later on each of us took our respective life vests, settled in our assigned pump boats and tour guides, then...

...our Sohoton Cove Tour begun.


Luscious green islets come into view as we approach entrance to Sohoton Cove, thyself multitasking - talking, documenting and listening to our tour guide's classified info.

Heads almost touched the ceiling upon entering Sohoton Cove's entrance, a eureka to my senses having finally understood why Aunt Vic kept on warning us earlier that we won't be able to take the tour once tide rose up. (see video)

Sohoton Cove, a visayan term which means "to pass-through", is only accessible on low tide and is the inluway to enter Sohoton Cove National Park. And exactly true to what others claim, it is undeniably captivating!

Horse's Shoe or Horse's Tail is an important landmark in Sohoton Cove National Park.

After passing through the cove, a beautiful rock formation resembling to horse's shoe or horse's tail awed us while the guide spilled its importance.

Then few meters away, a limestone cliff to which name I've forgotten, are the operators' second landmark. It's quite a sight as well but on the spooky side, do you know that sounds relating to piano and church bells were once heard a top the cliff? *goose bump*

The tour continued when I noticed two boats ahead of us stopped before an opening, us heading towards same direction. Forgive my ignorance but unknown to me at that time were activities we need to engage ourselves with.

Entrance of Hagukan Cavern.

First stop was in Hagukan Cavern (Hagukan derived from Haguk in English means snore), named after the fact that it creates snoring sounds during a specific period of tide's recession. I was not able to hear such sound since the tide that time was rising nevertheless, a bedazzling glow of water inside the cavern was observed. I felt like a kid floating and playing around, trying to disturb the water's flow in order to illumine its glow while the younger cousins picked on me to take off my life vest and swim. Indeed, a sad life when one can't swim, eh.

Exit of Magkukuob Cavern, where thy soul and body parted in less than a minute.

Next we head to Magkukuob Cavern for a quick adrenaline. We slowly wade inside, as though being careful not to hurt ourselves with clams added to the fact that it was pitch black inside with only a faint light coming from our tour guide's flashlight guiding our path. One by one we took a short climb on steep rocks, myself last in line, whence after a daylight indicates another opening - from somewhere up, like on a second story if it were a building! And the best way out? Jump!

My aunts and cousin posing before the jump.

We went back to our boat and journeyed back to Sohoton Tour Registration Area. Somehow, it felt like the tour ended too soon, so my aunts planned to pay additional fees just so to visit the sanctuary of stingless jellyfish. Unfortunately, we we're told that its best to visit in summer, on their breeding season, to fully enjoy a swim. Hence, we end up swimming near the registration area; nevertheless, that short trip provided me interesting facts and tale which had me want to go back in summer.

Also, watch my Vlog on YouTube and see why many are captivated with Sohoton Lagoon...

...but of course, you need to be there to experience its magic!

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  1. I miss Sohotoooonnnn!!!!! I will give this place a try when I fly back!!