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Love what you do, Enjoy what you have

I've been sailing smoothly the past weeks although pressed against time and priorities, however, too drained to deal with extra curricular activities. Anyhow, I'm holding pieces of me because 1) I'm still hung with my not-so-recent trip, and 2) I'm ecstatic in planning the next. I'm still grounded and is trying the best I can to squeeze in some travel time. So while I'm busy working for my future, I'm keeping myself inspired with these children.

I met these two last May in Pacific View, Hinatuan, province of Surigao del Sur when my batchmates and I had our mini get together. While I was strolling around to orient myself with the place, these kids happen to pass by bringing their own canisters. They were looking for 'lukot' or sea hare, an edible sea grass I've seen for the first time. As typical to youngsters in our place who grow up by the sea, to catch for sea grasses, shells or fish is part of their living. Usually the sell it to earn money for personal expenditures or to help provide for their family. Curious as I was, I asked if they would have it for sale for I was interested to buy. Unfortunately for me, the kids said they'll have it set for their dining tables only in order to feed their bellies for a day or two. It was sweltering hot but they've managed to keep their wits while conversing with me; even flashed a smile before the camera when asked.

Hinatuan Pacific View, learn from the kids

I love to look at their photos often because these kids taught me a valuable lesson: love what you do, enjoy what you have.
In fact,  in their very own words they said, "mao raman gud ning naa namo te... Malingaw ra pud mi manginhas. "

The thought pierced through me. A pang of guilt crawled into my very being 'cause you see, I easily get stressed whenever I'm going through rough days but these kids, who have been through worse than I, see life with more light. Obviously, I got nothing to complain about - work, money, basic needs - I got them! What else can I ask for? I may be busy for sorting out things and working with priorities but it doesn't mean life's gotten out of me. I needed a shift of perspective, hence, carved in my heart the lesson I've learned from these kids:

Love what you do, enjoy what you have.

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