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Festive and Gleeful Dining at Boy Zugba – Kusina Bisaya

Boy Zugba - Kusina Bisaya | Boodle Attack

Funny how one time I stared blankly outside Yellow Cab when my eyes find its sight up and darted towards the soon-to-open Boy Zugba in Centrio Ayala Mall. I was catching up with my then roommate and was having lunch at her favorite pizza house (only that we got carbonara at that time), and I was badly craving for a sweet treat of BZ’s leche flan.

In between munch while pushing cravings down dark halls of retention, I told her I’m going to take her for lunch at ‘that’ Boy Zugba the next time we meet again..when it opens..(fingers crossed, I hope you won’t be able to read this Ate Primz. Lol) As it turned out, I found out on Facebook that Boy Zugba Centrio is set to open in two weeks’ time. I can’t say for certain if gods have heard my gastronomic plea or I was having social media outdates. Again. Yet as of writing (08/18/16) I’m laughing at the realization; and whatever the reason is, I’m glad of the good news.

Boy Zugba - Kusina Bisaya | Boodle Attack Invitation
Boy Zugba - Kusina Bisaya | Boodle Attack
Boy Zugba - Kusina Bisaya | Boodle Attack
Boy Zugba - Kusina Bisaya | Boodle Attack

Few days prior to Boy Zugba’s grand opening on September 18, I got an invite for a boodle attack together with other bloggers and social media influencers.

My inner beast (I say beast and not goddess because that feminine side only knows of pa-cute and defies fully loaded meal) danced in ecstasy because, why not! Aside from leche flan, I’m slobbering for that liempo and cheesy chorizo; because of this, I am excited to run through boodle menus we’ve feasted.

Boy Zugba - Kusina Bisaya | Interior


Boy Zugba is a Filipino-themed grill house brought to Kagay-anons by the same group who managed Bigby’s Restaurant and Café, Missy Bon Bon, Frozen Factory, and The Nest- Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation.

It opened its first branch in Corrales Avenue last February 8, 2015 proposing a modern and casual counterpoint to traditional Kagay-anon home-cooked meals, with an extensive menu being a reconciliation of past and present, home cooking and Filipino street food that continuously caters every Filipino’s taste buds with premium selection and caliber customer service.

Its menu is a sure crowd pleaser with an array of grilled and carenderia foods wittingly dubbed with Bisaya names such as Pisbol sa Corrales, Pansit sa Pulis, and Sinuglaw de Cagayan – true to its form as proudly Kusina Bisaya. In addition, Boy Zugba launched its new line of innovative dishes like Buko Pancit, Chika Chicharon, Binaki, Bistek Bisdak, and Nu-uyapan na Baboy among many other unique and delectable pinoy favorites, alongside its opening of its latest branch in Centrio Ayala Mall

Food is intended for sharing and is characterized by familiarity of flavors and the memories they bring back; hence if planning to dine with a group of five, why not enjoy meals together and opt for a boodle attack sesh like:

MEAT ME AT THE SEA. “Kompeto sa rekados”, ika nga. This option is my top choice as it consists Nucos, Calamares, Kinilaw with Lato, Pork BBQ, Chicken Inasal, Pork Liempo, Cheezy Chorizo, Krispy kangkong, Itlog Maalat, Mangga’t Bagoong and Kropek.

I SEA FOOD.  Next in line is consists of Binukadkad na Isda, Calamares, Nucos, Krispy Kangkong, Kinilaw with Lato, and Tinuhog na Pansat – just the right one to order if you are going to eat with a Muslim friend.

KARNE-VOROUS. For the meat-lover barkadas, here is the best option where the group can share good food over a gleeful meal - Ceezy Chorizo, Pork BBQ, Pork Liempo, and Krispy Kangkong.
Refer to above photos**

Although I have specified my top choice, mind you, I dare not to mention what I ate during the event or you’ll get an idea of how beast I can be. Haha. So I’m thinking, I’ll burn the excess next day but guess what? I’m fooling around. I can’t even manage to wear two-inch heels due to an injury, how much more run? -_-

BTW, here’s a clip of our lively night - a peep as to how hangry diners turns gleeful AND witty for a Trivia Night after the said ‘fiesta’ at Boy Zugba. *wink wink*
Update (11/06/16): Video has been removed due to compatibility issue.

Boy Zugba

For more information, visit:
Website: boyzugba.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/boyzugba/
Instagram: @boyzugba
Store location: 1) Corrales Avenue, 2) 3/F Centrio Ayala Mall

Overall, I was indeed having a good time not only during our fiesta-themed bloggers meetup aka boodle attack but it always happens whenever I dine at Boy Zugba. Now that it got two branches and is conveniently accessible, I am sure that I can already give in if cravings emerge whether I come straight from my boarding house or strolling at the mall. So, if you are wishing to eat home-cooked meals with a twist, order it in an affordable price and dine in a comfortable and laid back atmosphere – solo or with family and friends, I tell you, you’ve got to turn that wish into reality at Boy Zugba!

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  1. Now I am salivating! :)


  2. You should try it out here if ever you'll visit CDO.. ^_^

  3. how much the price of
    I SEA FOOD.?

    1. Hi! Prices are 899, 1,299 and 1,599 respectively. Also, visit Boy Zugba's website and FB page for updates.