Leave No Trace: Libuacan Cold Spring, Tagbina Surigao del Sur

There’s no such thing as free lunch, they say. But did you know that an ice cold, pristine water called Libuacan Spring is open to the public FOR FREE? Yep, you read it right… Libuacan Cold Spring is absolutely freeeee.

Libuacan Cold Spring, Tagbina,  Surigao del Sur
Libuacan Cold Spring
Naturally protected between trees whilst calmly flowing on its bed, Libuacan Spring Resort has long been managed by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Tagbina in Surigao del Sur. This spring which is continuously cared and protected has also been welcoming visitors who wants to take a dip on its waters without asking any monetary exchange other than to keep its natural wonder for the next generations to bask in.

Apparently, since Libuacan spring is slowly gaining popularity and is now part of the favorite destinations to visit in Surigao del Sur next to Enchanted River, it is most likely (the way I see it) that it will lose its nature-y charm as time comes when tourists flock around and when landscaping shall progress. Hence, whether a local or a tourist, it is only our obligation to help keep the magic of this spring in our own littlest ways by following the Leave No Trace principle.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

I’m pretty sure that you are not new to this added to the fact that alongside promoting tourism in the country is the campaign against environmental degradation which helps empower this principle. So let me expound this in two categories to basically cover the above quote.

Bring your own garbage. No matter how small that garbage is, may it be a candy wrapper or whatnot, throw it directly to waste bin. If you can’t see one, use one of your plastic bags as waste keepers or better yet keep tiny garbage on your pocket/bag pocket if you’re away from your table. I’m personally doing this wherever I go since I cannot afford to carry the guilt all day.

Don’t Vandalize. When we are new to a place, it is on our impulse to tell the world that “Yay! Finally, I’m here!” through photos. However, other people express it through vandalisms - worst is when they carve it on trees. Guys, rocks or trees are not paper so why not save the writing for your journal? Or perhaps share your thoughts to social media to keep thy hands busy. Don’t you know that even a single line or dot leaves a permanent impact to nature? Not to mention that it alters as well the natural aesthetic of the place. So, DON’T!

Now, although a universal common sense, learning back the basics won’t hurt an ego; and since we can enjoy Libuacan spring for free, it only asked of us to act the leave no trace principle so as to contribute to the overall cleanliness of the place.

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