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Embark On A Gastronomic Adventure with The Best of CDO Food Tour :)

Embark On A Gastronomic Adventure Through BQFC Food Tour!
It's no doubt that many restaurants or cafes sprout around the the city of golden of friendship, each with a promise of giving you the best of everything. Yet if asked where to immerse yourself in a valuable local dining experience, it is only imperative to trust Kagay-anons' highly favored food chain - Bigby's Quality Food Corporation.

Simply said, their initiative to tour everyone around four of BQFC's food haven is your ticket to get intimate with the BEST OF CDO's signature dish. Just sign up for the event and you're all set for a stuffy day. I also got the privilege to join the first leg of Best of CDO Food Tour and here's how it went....


Embark On A Gastronomic Adventure Through BQFC Food Tour!

Bigby’s CafĂ© and Restaurant

Being a destination for good food and excellent service, Bigby’s offers an array of different cuisines of the world which seeks to reach out the foodie adventurer in you. True enough, I was even introduced to two of its signature dish: Rack-a-bye baby and CDO Sinuglaw. Both my Bigby's favorites!

Embark On A Gastronomic Adventure Through BQFC Food Tour!
Missy BonBon Breadshop

Hip, cozy, and relaxed world-class bread shop, spotlight during the tour is their honest too goodness gelato and best delicacy pastel. Both comes in different varieties to choose from, and what's cool about it is you have the liberty to choose the gelato flavor that you crave for. I even had mine in green tea.
(c) Boy Zugba
Boy Zugba

A proudly kusina bisaya, 
Boy Zugba is a favorite food destination of students and young professionals alike. Worth trying is their boodle fight menu. I have actually feasted cheesy chorizo with organic tidbits, pork barbecue and bandehadong karne together with the buddies!

Trivia: Boy Zugba just celebrated it’s Trivia Night Anniversary Special last July 26, 2016.

The Nest

A new addition to BQFC’s food chain, The Nest brings with it culinary masterpieces approved by Kagay-anons. Nesting inside its compound are two brands: Maison de Bonbon and Guiseppe, which exudes feminine and masculine ambience respectively; and delivers both French and Italian Sicilian cuisines. This sophisticated restaurant transports you to a European setting especially when paired with a bite of Burger Americaine and Quatro Formoggi to name some.
Read: The Nest: VIP Night and Grand Opening of an Authentic European Dining Experience

Best of CDOFood Tour is conducted within a day, with the participants to be transported via motorela from and to different destinations. Motorela will be the means of transportation because it is something that’s truly a Kagay-anon experience that you should not miss out when coming over to Cagayan de Oro. Aside from that, riding in a small vehicle with close contact to each other can also be a way to connect from different participants and share ideas, or perhaps catch that Pokemon while on the roads. ^___^
Trivia: Did you know that CDO Motorela was invented by Rafael D. Floirendo Sr., who also filed a patent registration. The CDO version of Philippine iconic tricycle was invented in 1964, with patent number 2243. - source

Overall, to dine in most of CDO’s top food chains in a day through BQFC Food Tour is one truly hit! You’ll cut down on expenses but you’ll gain more friends … and weight! Haha, kidding.

Main photo and video credits to Best of CDO Food Tour FB page.

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    1. Hi Danna. You can visit Best of CDO Food Tour fb page for the details. Linkvto Google form app is posted in their page.

  2. This looks like an activity where I can imagine taking my girl out someday and dine with acquintance.

    1. you should really try it out with your girl, keith! :) I'm pretty sure you'll have fun together with new buddies.