The Librewry Cafe: A Conducive Place To Study 24/7

A favorable environment plays a vital role to ones learning. I was once a student so I surely know that distractions are not helpful to concentrating, hence the need for a place where there is close to absolute silence. University Library was my resort back then but with food restrictions, staying out too long were not a better idea or else I’d end up wasting time with my brain cells no longer able to work with the lack of glucose.

In line with the problem stated above, I am at times proved to be guilty from studying with divided attention because studying inside our dormitory room meant more focus on chips, chitchats and movies. What I do then was to study from 3am onwards when my roommates were deep in their slumber. I must say, I have tried and done every possible way to ace on my subjects but the fact remains that one stressor of students is the problem in having a study area. So to city students’ sandwiched between buzz and noise, here’s a conducive place for you to study...
The Librewry Cafe: A Conducive Place To Study 24/7
Grabbed photo from Kate and Melai

At the Librewry Cafe, you are given the privilege to experience library + cafe in one where a much needed silence to focus on the subject matter and brain foods are all within your reach.

It’s also good to note that while you are availing these, you are helping small scale farmers and businessmen in promoting their products because the owners of Librewry Cafe wanted to support them as well through collaboration. Yes, coffees (P40) are specially hand-picked and brewed to warm you up while some delectable (price varies) are carefully prepared to provide you glucose necessary for brain activities. Since the owners get coffees and delectable from different businessmen, it is to be expected that daily menus will vary; and if however you want to eat your own ‘baon’, you may do so but you have to pay corkage fee of P20.00.

More to engaging you, youths, in a favorable give-and-take-environment, amenities and service that you can also use includes:
  • 22 Personal working spaces with individual lights which is ideal if you are the type who learns well when you are going solo
  • 10 Table-type working space best for group study or group works
  • Free charging of device
  • WiFi for easy information access
  • Bell, to be rung every hour or whenever noise arise
  • Biometrics to identify members or those who pay monthly for the space
  • Book exchange program, priced at P1.00 per kilo so you can bring home books in exchange of your own
  • 24/7 service so you can study inside the cafe without time constraints
  • Security guard to provide everyone with maximum security

To make sure that you can have a seat, you must have a reservation within 15 minutes before using a space. A Php 25.00 hourly rate applies with a free coffee for the first three hours of stay.

Location: Casa Azzuri Building, Don A VelezSt fronting Sentro 1850
Facebook: The Librewry Cafe

So, are exams coming your way? Concentrate on your studies in a conducive place only at The Librewry Cafe! and don’t forget to comment down your #TLCstudygoals #TheLibrewryCafe experience.

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