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Restoring Humanity Back in Social Media

Over the time since social media imposed digital influence on anybody’s lives, people tend to use its platforms to be somebody else living a digital identity afar from reality. People used screen names to represent “who’s who” to get famed or defame others. People intentionally want to digitally exist and let others perish. It loses one’s personal character. 

On a larger scale, social media is treated as a platform of deceit as some would use it in spreading news in order to evoke emotions, in posting filtered photos to show manipulated evidence of what appeared to be, or in blabbing just about anything to appeal to sympathy. It has become a tool of clash between truth and lie. However it’s good to note that social media’s still people’s hope albeit sea of negativities because there are still individuals who stay true to their character as they aim to send off fact-based opinions without any intentions of misleading the readers. There are individuals who’re thoughtful of their shared content because they believed that information make or break one’s will to act. There are still individuals who spread awareness because they wanted to bridge people to the truth. With all these good intentions while being true to self in both reality and digitally, one can help restore humanity in back social media. As Sir Jon puts it: Use social media; but use it to empower. Use it to move. Use it to bridge.

How about you, how did social media changed you?

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