Pane e Dolci's Ethereally Good Sylvannas

30th of June was a celebratory day for me. I’m seeing hope ahead of me – personal growth, circle expanse, country’s change. I am absolutely happy with the progress I’m taking after all the heartbreaks I had, and without a doubt, I can say that the best way to celebrate such achievement is a bite...uh no, a gobble of Pane e Dolci's Sylvannas!
Pane e Dolci's Ethereally Good Sylvannas

The sylvannas of Pane e Dolci is the best one in town. No wonder why it’s popular and one of the best sellers here in CDO. It tastes like ethereal I can hardly describe it on the first bite. No joke!  One bite, most probably one piece, won’t surely be enough because its subtlety is just about right. I must admit I am at loss of any words to coin superlatives that could best explain how I am head over heels with Pane e Dolci’s Sylvannas other than ethereal. So I hope this could somehow give justice. ^_-)

What more, Sylvannas’ available in classic, red velvet, chocolate, peanut butter, ube and nutella flavours. You won’t surely run out of options especially that Pan e Dolci makes more than 150 packs of Sylvannas every day. *wooops, craving now*
Pane e Dolci
All photos © Pane e Dolce

Pane e Dolci
Strawberry Roualde coming soon

Pane e Dolci, Coffee Civet
Caffe Zibetto

Thus, if you are in dire need of ways to celebrate even small achievements, I suggest you head over to Pane e Dolci and take all of your precious time to savor your moment of victory with Sylvannas. Don’t miss out their Caffe Zibetto, salads and other desserts, too!
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Location: 8th-21st streets, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro
Business hours: Mon-Sat, 8am – 10pm; Sunday, 8am – 8pm

Disclaimer: Pane e Dolci is one of CDO Bloggers’ sponsor during the social media day held on the same date. However, all opinions are solely of the author’s alone.
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