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Rock Climbing Gym in Cagayan de Oro

Guru Rock Climbing Gym

On this day in 2015, Kenn and I agreed to try an activity we’ve never done before: rock climbing.

Exhilarated of the thought, we went to Guru Rock Climbing Gym to see for ourselves how long can we endure the climb, how strenuous could it be, or how should it be done properly. We were both empty minded as to what to expect as it would be our first time, however, we were determined. So here's how it went.


At first glance, the gym looks like of a storage room renovated to become a rock climbing facility. But as the popular quote goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, so I decided to shrug my shoulders off. I’m in for the experience anyway.

Guru Rock Climbing Gym

Guru Rock Climbing Gym, located at Barangay Macasandig fronting St Mary's School, is a rock climbing facility that offers basic and advanced climbing experience to people and visitors of Cagayan de Oro. With its varying difficulty levels, one can climb up, down or across artificial rock walls using techniques such as belaying, clipping, knot tying and the likes. But for first timers like us, there's nothing to hold back since someone to assist you. In fact, the staff who was with us was very accommodating, entertaining and most of all, patient. *clap clap* A++ for a satisfying customer service, kuya! :)

More to that, this activity is ideal to keep your body moving even on rainy days as this is done indoors. Even so, you have to make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to work your way with ease. You may also need to bring towel, change clothing and money for you will need it to rent other safety equipment available in the gym.
Other information
Time: 8am – 11:30 am (special request), 4pm – 9pm (everyday)
Rates: 80 (whole day unlimited climb), 300 (monthly)
Contact details: 0942 635 1414 / 0915 317 7255

Have you tried Guru Rock Climbing Gym? How was your experience? Share your comments down below.
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  1. Dashing quote. such saying really touches heart! Attention Quotes at its best is always impressive.

  2. i like the climing sport and i will join the climbing courses. thank for sharing the more information of climbing sports and technique.

    1. I'm glad that this post is of help to you. :) Best wishes on your journey!