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To Live A Digitally-Connected Life With SMART

We all live a life that almost revolves around online activities to the extent that connecting online has become a trend - social media platforms are made available to share daily activities, different applications are created for a time of leisure, and online jobs are made possible for convenience; which would all require a fast connection.

I, for one, have the need for a reliable connection to stay connected with my family online through Facebook chat/video and Gmail since this is way cheaper compared to international phone calls. Aside from that, I document life activities (travel and sorts) via blogger and share interactive posts on Facebook and Instagram. If a connection fails, imagine how bothersome it could be to be forced offline when you’re in the midst of something? I have been through this nuisance...A. LOT.

I’m sure you are not new to this issue and perhaps have been a victim of online ‘outdates’ due to an interrupted data connection. For a disclosure though, I have been a Smart user ever since I got my first phone when I was 10. Even if mobile data aren’t available back then, the fact remains (up until now) that signal strength varies to cell sites’ availability per location. When I started travelling, it worries me at times to travel to places where my phone can’t fetch a signal – no online updates, no possible text or calls in case of emergency. Luckily, Smart acknowledged the issue that an improved data access is made possible with additional 3G and LTE cell sites here in Cagayan de Oro. They aim to make this a nationwide project yet for the meantime, CDO shall first enjoy this.

In line thereof, SMART is having its Digifest or digital festival throughout weekends of June to showcase series of online activities that would serve as proof that people can live a digitally-connected life with SMART’s stronger and faster data.
Now, you can enjoy social media content sharing and online gaming at your own convenience. Tsada, di ba?

Need more convincing? Attend SMART Digifest to enjoy your own share of firsthand experience as to how fast SMART data is plus have the privilege to get free ticket to rave party.
Schedule of Events
  • June 4-5 Gaming Weekend
  • June 11-12 Social Media Weekend
  • June 18-19 Movie Weekend
  • June 25 Rave Party
Participate as well to SMART’s photo challenge by sharing on Facebook an original photo of you enjoying online activities with your barkada, showing beautiful places of CDO and using the hashtag #SmartDigifest and #ConnectNaTa. If your creative post will be chosen, you will be entitled with free data from Smart.

Enjoy your smart digifest! Xoxo

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