Uphill Training: When Love and Hate Collides

I dreaded uphill training but there's something special about running to and from Pelaez Bridge that made me attach to it.
The winding road down to Pelaez Bridge gives me ample time to meditate on things and bask in the early morning vibe: controlled breathing and sunlit beauty surroundings, yet once I reach the turning point at the other end of the bridge, a need to summon the goddess of willpower happens just so to conquer the ‘helly hill’.

I personally call the route as ‘helly hill’ because I have to run about 2km way up, the most challenging uphill I took by far as compared to Lumbia and Forest Wood. Despite such, I’m a bit attached here because cyclists and some runners taking the same route have given me their sweetest smile + good morning greetings sending off knee pain temporarily at bay. GV lang tayo mga kuya. J Anyway, I have only taken this route twice and I'll definitely make sure to take this route more often. #uphillgoals

Over to you, where's your favorite route for uphill training? Or do you dread a certain route yet love it at the same time? Share your story and follow me on my social media sites for more rave run stories.