A Whole New Level of Pizza Experience at Nic's Pizza Baguettes

Nic's Pizza Baguettes

Nic’s Pizza Baguettes is a pizza store in Cagayan de Oro which was established as a ‘thoughtful accident’. Originally, the concept of the business was to provide a palatable sandwich stuffed with sausage and condiments (both a family recipe) to the customers. However, after going through some sorts – product sampling, costing and the likes, the good owner made a twist and voila! Crispier, yummier pizza baguettes came to life.

Pizza Baguettes

If you are curious as to what this pizza baguette is, imagine your favourite pizza toppings on a long, French bread; that’s how your pizza baguettes look like. But at Nic’s, they are using their signature cheese toppings. Hence it is commonly called as ‘pizza with a twist’ which separates Nic’s from other pizza place in town. Now, if you think this is a bit odd, you’re actually wrong because the baguette is crispier as compared to the usual thick or thin crust that we are accustomed to. In fact, the bread is specially distributed to Nic’s by a trusted bakery.

Pizza baguettes come in a shareable combo of three, but you can also order a piece if you chose to dine alone. Another thing that I like about pizza baguette is that it came in varieties of flavour. And if you are on a diet, Nic’s offers fresh garden pizza that you can surely enjoy.

Flavours to enjoy are Cheesy Overload, Hawaiian Delight, Tuna Pizza Garden Fresh, Meaty Loverz, De Oro Overload, Beef & Mushroom, Beefy Dynamite, and Nic’s Special (Classic).

Aside from the main product, Nic’s Pizza Baguettes also offers the following:

Nic's Pizza Baguettes

Ribs and Wedge. It is a ribs and wedge combo that would also make your meal a blast. According to sir Reynold, the owner, ribs was his alternative to overrated chicken joy that the kids can eat in handy. For sure, kids and adults alike would love this not only because it looks like Popsicle, but the meat is tender and the sauce is delicious. As for the wedge or potato slice, what I love about it is that it’s soft and not greasy that it complements better with the ribs and the pizza.

Cheezy Garlic Bread. I’m not really a fan of garlic bread, but in all honesty and without bias, Nic’s made me crave for it. Based on the name itself, the crispy bread is topped with a lot of melted cheese you won’t think you’re eating garlic bread. Although you can taste some garlic on it, it does not however lose your appetite.

Fries. Well, we all love fries right? And guess what, fries at Nic’s are long, tender, and tasty. I should say that it is cooked to perfection given the right type of potatoes and the right type of oil. I’m reaaally loving Nic’s fries that a jumbo size won’t be enough for me. :D


If you are planning to dine at Nic’s Pizza Baguettes, head over to Tiano-Dolores Sts. To know if you’re on the right way, your landmark is the City Museo of Cagayan de Oro; just head straight to your left when you are facing the museum.

But then, you can also order for delivery if you opt to eat within your comforts.  May you be at home or at work, Nic’s Pizza Baguettes is surely more than willing to deliver your orders for free. Yep! Another bomb for this pizza store on the rise is that you can enjoy their foods wherever you are by paying the same amount as it offers no minimum order and no service charge.

Note: Orders for delivery always come in a quarter dozen or 3 pieces of pizza baguette. To know about the menu and price, click here.

You can also contact the store directly at 0917 621 6602 or via online at Nic's Pizza Baguettes.

Overall.  I highly recommend this Cagayan de Oro’s ‘tatak lokal’ pizza baguette at Nic’s because the product itself plus customer service is two thumbs up. I would even rate it as ten stars out of five. I’m not exaggerating guys, no. I’m sharing based on my experience when I dined at Nic’s Pizza Baguettes. In fact, many would attest to what I’m saying if you have to base the reviews on its Facebook page.

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