HOTTEST DEAL: SMART 4G Pocket Wifi is Now P888

As a travel blogger, it is MUST  for me to stay connected and share live travel updates whenever and wherever I go leaving me dependent with a reliable,  high speed internet connection. Yet sometimes light packing restricts me from bringing along my laptop and modem. So what's left of me then is my smartphone and crossed  fingers wishing that I land somewhere with public Wi-Fi that would not expose my phone from risks of potential viruses;  and if I decide to be a home buddy for some time, my stick modem is my only rescue to keep me on my  league which is honestly boring for my modem cannot share Wi-Fi connection and it takes a while to load a page. *frustrating*

HOTTEST DEAL:  SMART 4G Pocket Wifi is Now P888Good thing, SMART just launched its hottest deal this summer: the #SmartBro888 where its 4G Pocket Wi-Fi is now at a very affordable price - and when I say affordable,  I mean that there is a great regard for customers' buying capabilities given that the gadget is priced for only Php 888! Where on earth can you purchase a 4G pocket wifi for P888? I even purchased my modem for a thousand plus with a connection comparable to a rocky road [not an ice cream :)] where a car has to slow down from time to time. But with SMART Bro's hottest deal #SmartBro888, ultra-fast speed, shareable wifi connection is definitely not #HardToGets.

For only Php 888 you can already own a SMART 4G Pocket WiFi with: a) 150MB preload good for 30 days, b) tethering to 10 devices with speed up to 12MB, and c) best paired with SurfMax85 with 800MB/day for two days. Best deal ever, don't you agree? For me, this is entirely awesome as this would save me from future payment for DSL connection. Very favorable as well on my part since I can control my budget for internet access especially that I am not online 24/7 when I am not traveling but only want to stay tuned with online hoops. What more,  price offer is until June 30, 2016 only.

WiFi for sharing. Let's you share internet connection with family and friends so you can all surf together.
Multi-gadget connection. With SMART 4G Pocket WiFi, I can now connect my smartphone and laptop altogether. Nothing to fret since the gadget can connect up to 10 devices.
Mobility. The device comes in handy which would enable me to stay connected anytime, anywhere (and you can, too!)
Powered by the largest broadband connection.  Wherever I may be, I am assured that I can enjoy, and so are you, an ultra-fast speed powered by multiple sites throughout the country.
Best paired with SurfMax 85. If you are looking for best surf combo as I am, SurfMax85 offers two days internet surfing up to 800MB/day. (Register online:

Have your SMART Bro 4G Pocket WiFi purchased online at for only Php 888 only until June 30, 2016.

Hurry! Grab yours now!