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"Wherever you go becomes part of you somehow."  - Anita Desai

(Dear friends) I missed the morning walks we did back in the days. The happy memories make me nostalgic as I am scanning the photos we took at Dairy farm. It makes me smile and teary eyed at the same time.

Piapayungan Range as viewed rom Dairy Farm

Do you remember how we stand in awe with Piapayungan range lying before us? We stormed to awaken the photographer in us to take a good photo of the mountain as it struck us, although we get to see it everyday.

MSU Dairy Farm

When we have to rise before the world does so that we would be at Dairy farm the earliest time possible and have a bottle of fresh carabao's milk?  Though we still prefer cow's milk because we are somehow accustomed to its taste. 

MSU Dairy Farm

When we made sure to have  that ripened papaya for us to save up on buying fruits? It's practical of us and yes, a healthy choice. Fresh fruit!


When we end up picking pako for us to have a green breakfast?  We thought about that after having the papaya, right? 

MSU Dairy Farm

Then ate April had her piece of day when she stepped on a poop. Good thing it didn't bother her. It was a good morning still to us all.

MSU Dairy Farm

On some days, we would head directly to the cliff. Because we don't mind the morning sun, we end up at Mayor Pre Salic's residence where we learned that he has it build for his wife, Lorna Tolentino. As the house stands mesmerizing with its sun lit beauty, we took our jump shot yet failed to capture a good one.


Then we had a close encounter with a herd of deer. Cool,  isn't it?

On our way home, we passed by an ongoing house beautification on a big hectare of land. The gates are wide open inviting us to come in. We went inside like trespassers on a broad daylight and luckily for us we are welcomed with smiles from the caretakers and one of the home owners. Behold,  the house is owned by Gov. Solitario Salic! Whooah to us, we have invaded the homes of two honorables in Marawi.

We are then pointed to a mini forest where it's said to house wild monkeys. We followed the way down there but what's gotten the remaining enery we had is the paved way following the natural curve and bend of a hill which was intentionally made for the wife where she can have her morning run. That's sweet of you, sir.

That was the final stop of our morning walks at Dairy farm...and mind you, it's worth reliving the moments.

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  1. miss you dai...someday balik r ta didto

  2. miss you dai...someday balik r ta didto

    1. i miss you too ate lot <3 .. mingaw na pud ko msu. hehe..wen kaha ta mkabalik napd na mgbonding ta tnan no?