Dulang - Maagnaw Traverse Climb

"One of the great things about travel is you find out how many good,  kind people there are." 
- Edith Wharton  

Four days and three nights. It is the duration I spent with my mountaineering family during our Dulang - Maagnaw traverse climb. There are a lot of things to tell to, from the tribal ritual to climb proper and anything in between. But one scenario lingered the most in my head. 

It  was time to wrap up and get back to town when we found out that we are running out of water. There are no any means to fill up water on the way out of the mountain as there are no rivers  to pass by. With a taste of burned out body and sleepless nights we estimated to be in Sitio Maliwanagan in about four hours. That's quite long but we know we can survive. 

Dulang - Maagnaw Traverse Climb

Packed with courage and determination we started to hike, merry making along the way. After more than three hours,  the challenge of the trek has taken its toll. Dehydration sets in. Sir Melvin, an environmental science professor,  then licked dew-soaked leaves to water up while assuring us that the plants are non poisonous (that had me missed the fun by the way, I didn't try.) With God's intervention,  members of BOMOC, who are also on their way home after a triple traverse,  stopped by and shared a portion of their water.  We filled out tumblers and took a sip each despite the need to gulp it down. Momentarily we rehydrated, regained a bit of energy to go further. It's a long hike still yet members of BOMOC heartily gave what they have even if they need the water as well. If without them,  it could have been a hell of survive or wait for rescue journey for my team.