Morning Sea-view at Naawan

No place is ever as bad as they tell you it's going to be. Chuck Thompson

The town people of  Naawan see an opportunity to promote tourism in the area. Location wise, one side of the town is facing the sea. A good way to keep tourists engage with the waters.

Sandwiched between Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro (and being on the two cities most of the time), I've heard of a Suyo Beach Resort in Naawan. My boyfriend and I went there, rode a trisikad (padyak) to Suyo only to find out that it is exclusively booked for a youth camp. We asked the driver if there is any available resort that we can stay in and he said that it is the only one in town. Of course, we can't back out after nearly two hours trip from MSU. Luckily for us, the driver offered to take us to a guesthouse, meet the owner and negotiated a price for a 24-hour stay. My apologies I don't know the name of the resort but after talking to the humble owner, I've learned that he just had three-room guesthouse so as to make use of his land. Only the caretaker is with the old man by the way. After being settled, my boyfriend and I took a dive in the water.. who would resist to do so? The sea is surely inviting!

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A SWIMMER. Yet as a well-traveled 20 something lady, what makes a traveler great is that she falls perfectly fine in every place and in every situation to make the most of it. There, I just had a "water stroll" in the shallow part of the sea while my boyfriend satiates himself in a distant. I observed a school of fish feeding on sea grass, walked some more, played in the water and head back to our room before the dark. Because we won't be there for another day, my boyfriend and I snoozed the night's booze to rise up early for sunrise, had our morning run in the sand, took more photos, played the remaining hours in water then bid goodbye to my fish friend we named Oishi.

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