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Seven Cardinal Rules to Be Successful

In every thought of my heart, I can't deny the fact that I want to succeed in my every undertaking. In school, I do give all my best shot at every opportunity for recognition and self-satisfaction. I do persevere because every synapses in my brain believes that success is winning and winning is never quitting.

I live a life planning and doing anything that I thought are all good for me, for my future. I grow up, each and every year, trying to be perfect and filling every lacks I have in the name of success. I buried myself in books to pick up some knowledge and drown myself in frustration when I can't easily grasp an idea. I am too consumed about my own success that I often saw myself as a failure.

It is then when I have read a book of Bo Sanchez's 8 secrets of the truly rich (upon recommendation of a Professor), that I realized I won't ever reap the fruit of success if I cannot balance and win in seven areas. Prior to this, I have actually read some inspirational books but I put all ideas at bay. This time, I did put all thoughts to heart. I think this is worth sharing so here's the list:

Strengthen your relationships

Relationship can be the most meaningful part of people’s lives. If you're too busy with your own life that you don't care what's going on around you then you're up to no good. Stay connected with your loved ones, befriend more people, for in some ways these people will help you along your way to success.

Grow in emotional maturity

According to 
www.yourdictionary.com, emotional maturity is how well you are able to respond to situations, control your emotions, and behave in an adult manner when dealing with others.

Things won’t work when you imprison yourself to your own temper and only wants to go things in your own manner. Grow. Work on your attitude because patience and understanding in dealing things and people makes a difference.

Use your core gift

What is it that you knew since you were a child? Both your talent and skill may define who you are but may prove nothing when you keep it within yourself. Whatever it is that you excel at, share it to others. Not only will it help you boost confidence but it'll also help you build relationship and establish a name.

Get physically healthy

Induce yourself to physical activities. Live a healthy lifestyle to sustain your energy throughout the day as this will help you stay mentally alert and physically active.

Gain wisdom

No single day is the same as what it is yesterday or will be tomorrow. In every experience that you undergo every day, learn something from it as it will help you attain good sense of judgment.

Build your money

Double or triplicate the initial amount that you have on hand through business. Aside from your primary income engage yourself into sidelines. It is actually good to know that online businesses are now going viral. You can start-up even with  zero-capital by being a reseller or  selling your unused items through buy and sell websites like www.olx.ph, you can sell your self-made poems at amazon, or you can also do direct selling like that of Natasha, MSE, and Red Logo. Any ideas you have will do.

Nourish your spiritual life

Make God the center of your life.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8 | NIV |

Do not rely on your own understanding. All the time, we need to look up and ask for God's guidance. God always has a plan for us. We only have to accept Him in our hearts. If you want to share or want to experience an intimate relationship with God, join ministries to enlighten you. At least, even for one holy day, detach yourself from worldly temptations.

To sum all up, everything is just a mind and act game we call as determination. You can pretty much make this happen when you believe given that you’ll also act on it. Remember that the only competition you need to win is the battle against yourself requiring you to beat your own daily record. Thus, whether you make progress or make excuses – it’s your call.

“Compete with yourself and as long as you reach your standards, proclaim yourself a success.” – Bo Sanchez

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