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Mt Dulang-Dulang

I’m a tree-hugger, a mountaineer, a camper. I love Mother Earth and Mother Earth never fails to enchant me with her beauty.

Being an adventurous myself, all sorts of green trees and grasses relaxes my mood, bright colors of varieties of flowers makes me happy and gay, and the melodic sounds of different animals excites my eagerness to listen to a new music.

Being with Mother Earth is like being in a different dimension totally diverse from the common hustle and bustle of a city life. Exploring her never ending beauty is always a feeling of an ignited fire that burns me up inside and yearn for her more. Loving and knowing her beyond what the common people perceive enraptured my heart to take care of her, and to preserve and cultivate the existing floras and faunas. For this reason, exploring Mother Earth is not just an adventure for me, but a way of expanding my awareness of her current situation and knowing what her needs are; which must be addressed before another part of her erodes and collapse.

My love for Mother Earth is always an adventure; an infinite joyous ride with lots of spots to drop by, knowledge to take, learning to impart with, and experiences to treasure.

This is the mountaineer side of me; the side of which who I am  outside the four corners of the classroom as well as in the vicinity of my beloved university, when my camping gears are all packed up and my legs are set to trek.

This is the mountaineer side of me; the side which constitutes to who I really am.
Mt. Hibok-Hibok in Camiguin Island
Mt. Hibok-Hibok peak
Ninth Highest Mountain in The Philippines
View on our way to Mt. Maagnaw
Mt. Malindang on Sunrise and Sunset
Mt Malindang: Sunrise and Sunset (Mt. Malinas view)

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